5 Steps To Get A Job After NYSC

5 Steps to get a job after NYSC


5 steps to get a job after NYSC is written as a guide for serving Corp Members, ex-Corps Members and even final year students in Nigerian Universities. Getting a job after NYSC is not an easy task.  On one hand, there are literally tens of thousands of Graduates finishing from NYSC each quarter of the year. On the other hand, there are just hundreds of available job slots. The struggle and competition to get that offer letter is very real and tough. This 5 steps to get a job after NYSC is to ease your job search.

Often times, most graduates give up hope without even trying, with the belief that they simply can’t get a job. Others try in futility without the right guides and end up quitting altogether. Getting a job after NYSC is doable and easy if one has the right tips and guides. Below are 5 steps that will help you in your quest to get a job after NYSC.


This might seem like a commonsense advice that is pretty obvious. But you will be amazed at the number of Graduates who wait till the end of their service year before applying for jobs. The first step to getting a job after NYSC is starting right from when you are still actively serving. Most job recruitment process take between 3 – 6 months to be completed. Starting on time will give you the opportunity to:

  • Apply for as many jobs as possible
  • Have the luxury of time to familiarize yourself with recruitment process.
  • Not be burdened by the pressure of sitting at home after service.

It is very possible and easy to move from your NYSC camp boots to your office brogues without spending time at home, only if you start your job hunt on time. Many Graduates worry about not having their discharge certificates ready at this time. But this is not a problem. Most Companies will allow you undertake the recruitment exercise provided you can show evidence that you are currently a Corps member and/or you can provide the discharge certificate before resuming work, if you are successful in the recruitment exercise.


Another step towards getting a job before you even finish your NYSC is knowing where to look. Many Graduates know what they are looking for which is simply a job. But many of them do not know where to look for these jobs. The internet offers a lot of opportunity in this regard. Aside the traditional methods of physically delivering CVs/cover letters, one can also search and apply for jobs on the internet. Such places include:

  • Linkedin
  • Jobberman
  • The Jobs/Vacancies section of Nairaland
  • Myjobmag
  • Hotnigerianjobs

Additionally, if you live in Cities like Port Harcourt, Lagos and Abuja, you can print and physically submit your CV to Companies. They will surely give you a call if/when there is an opening.


Having a winning CV is the next step in your journey to getting that offer letter. While starting on time and knowing where to look are very important, if your CV is not good enough, Recruiters will most likely toss it away. They have tons of CVs to go through, from thousands of Applicants. Your CV needs to stand out.

Below are our few actionable points on getting a winning CV that will help you get that job:

  • Proof-read your CVs and ensure they do not contain typos. If possible, get someone else to go through it. A CV with errors simply shows you are sloppy and no Employer wants that.
  • Use professional-looking and functional emails. Also use phone numbers that are reachable. If possible, use 2 numbers just to be safe.
  • Avoid copying and pasting from generic templates. They sound corny. You can use templates as guides but not edit them for use.
  • Your educational qualifications should come before your work experience at this stage. You are a fresh graduate so no Recruiter is too interested in your work experience.

Important Tip: If you graduated with a Second-Class lower degree, it is advisable to not indicate that on your CV. Most Recruiters have a policy of accepting only First-Class or Second-Class Uppers. Some do not have such policies but might be unjustly dismissing of Second-Class Lower degree holders. By indicating, you are only shooting yourself in the foot and limiting your chances. Only indicate Second-Class, make efforts to wow the Recruiters during your interview and allow hat decide if the lower matters to them so much after.


Majority of the Applicants who scale through the first to third step get dropped at this stage. If job-seeking is like leaving Egypt, passing aptitude test is like crossing the red sea. Many Graduates fail aptitude tests administered during recruitment exercises because they are not used to it.

Aptitude tests are not actually passed because you are intelligent or otherwise. The simple and only hack to it is familiarity. Aptitude test are not structured like the examinations and tests that Students take in Universities. Also, they are given under very strict time conditions. Often 60 minutes for 60 questions which involves calculations in some cases or even 45-50 minutes for 60 questions.

5 steps to get a job after NYSC

Practicing aptitude test questions especially under timing is the best way to ace them. They are various formats of aptitude tests such as Kenexa, GMAT, SHL, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical reasoning, Spatial Reasoning, Dragnet, etc. Samples of these tests with the solved answers can be downloaded online through a simple google search. Download as many as possible. Solve them repeatedly till you get familiar with the questions and methodology. Only then can you ace them like a pro. If you are lucky and you study as many of them as possible, you can even see questions you have practiced with before in one of your job tests. This is because most companies also get their questions from the same pool of questions downloaded off the internet.


This is the last stage towards getting a job after NYSC. It is a critical stage. Interview stage is the point where you get to convince the Recruiters to give you the job. It could be held online or physically. It could also consist a panel of Interviewers or just one person.

5 steps to get a job after NYSC

Below are some tips to help you with preparation for interviews:

  • Study your CV well as most questions will be coming from it.
  • Have real-life examples to support your claims in your CV. For example, if you state that you have Leadership skills on your CV, think of an instance where you exhibited leadership skill in your life.
  • As with all things, practice makes you better at interviews. You might not have the luxury to attend as much interviews before you get this experience. Neither do you need to attend as much interviews to gain experience. You can organize mock interviews with friends and family and have them give you honest feedback on areas you need to improve.
  • Research about the Company you want to join.
  • Prepare 2 or 3 questions of your own that you will pose to the Interviewers at the end.


Getting a job at any point in time is no mean feat. Getting a job immediately after NYSC is not easier. But with these tips and guides, you will greatly improve your chances. You will be better equipped to beat competition from others.

This is a simple yet highly effective guide that definitely works. It is logically linked in a step-by-step process. Start your job search on time, know where to look, create a winning CV, practice the kind of aptitude test you will encounter in your job search and prepare for interviews. Do these 5 steps and you will get a job after your NYSC.

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