International Students in Love: Can two international students marry in canada?

Can two international students marry in canada? Are you in love with an international student? If so, you’re not alone plenty of Canadians are.

But if you want to be together forever and make your relationship official, there are some things you need to know first.

In this article we’ll look at some of the reasons why international students get married in Canada, how to find the right Canadian marriage visa, and what it’s like to be married to an international student in Canada. Ready? Let’s go!

an two international students marry in canada

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What do you need to know about getting married in Canada?

The laws on international marriage vary depending on the country. If you are looking to marry someone from outside of Canada, it is important to check with your home country’s consulate before pursuing any official steps.

This will give you a better idea of what you need to do and prepare for before you start the process.

You should also remember that marriages in other countries may be legally recognized in Canada, but not vice versa.

For example, if you are an American citizen living in Canada who wishes to marry a Canadian citizen living abroad, this will not work because Canadian law does not recognize American marriages.

In contrast, if you were an American citizen who was visiting or studying abroad in Canada when you met your future spouse (e.g, at university), then Canadian law would recognize your marriage as valid upon returning to the United States.

Getting Married as an International Student

Not just any immigration visa will allow you to marry and stay in Canada. If you plan on getting married while in Canada, it’s important to make sure that your immigration status enables you to do so.

You also need to speak with your partner about whether they will qualify for Canadian citizenship or permanent residency as soon as possible.

If not, there are other options such as marrying where the wedding ceremony is being held or going through a proxy marriage process at an embassy.

Keep in mind that having children can be tricky if both partners are international students because only one person may be eligible for immigration after their studies end. We hope this guide has been helpful.

Marriage Requirements for Different Countries

The requirements to marry abroad varies by country, so it’s important to first identify what the marriage laws are for where you’re getting married.

While some countries recognize marriages from other countries and others don’t, many do.

To find out about the marriage laws for your wedding location, reach out to an embassy or consulate.

If you’re unable to contact one of these offices, reach out to a Canadian Embassy.

If a country doesn’t have any diplomatic representation in Canada then there may be someone at the nearest Canadian Embassy who can provide information on how to obtain a marriage certificate locally.

How to Get Married if You Have Recently Moved to Canada

The procedure for getting married varies based on if you are a Canadian citizen or not. 

Before you can marry, you must get a certificate of residence from the province/territory where you reside.

If you are coming to live with your partner but have not yet obtained a certificate of residence, one partner must first go through the process before both partners can apply for their certificates at the same time.

After obtaining the certificate of residence, you will need to provide it to the person solemnizing your marriage so they know that it is legally valid.

Next, the person solemnizing your marriage will need to sign a declaration confirming that they met all necessary requirements and confirm that neither party is married and still living with another person.

A Proposal Story (Real Life!)

Mark, who is a U.S. citizen, met Maria at Concordia University where he was studying for his MBA and she was working on her Master’s degree in International Relations. Â This is where the two started their long-distance relationship as Mark moved back to Texas and Maria remained in Montreal. Â Now they’re engaged, but there are two important questions they need answered before they can say I do: can international students marry in Canada and how to get married without a Canadian marriage license. Â Here’s what you need to know about these issues so that you can plan your own proposal story!can two international students marry in canada

can two international students marry in canada

Make sure to Do Checklist Before the Big Day

It can be difficult for an international student to marry someone from a different country, but there are some pre-marriage considerations you should consider first.

Be sure to speak with an immigration lawyer about your eligibility for residency status if you plan on bringing your spouse to the United States, and that person’s eligibility to immigrate.

Ask yourself if this is the right time for marriage, as it may complicate things further down the line when it comes to starting a family.

If you’re not married yet and want children with your partner, ask them how they feel about waiting until they have been granted permanent residence or citizenship in order to move forward with plans for kids.


Canada recognizes international marriages, so long as the foreigner has a valid visa and works in the country.

For example, if an international student marries their partner who is a citizen of Canada, then that student can apply for permanent residency or citizenship.

A great resource to read more about this topic is the Immigration Handbook. If you are looking to immigrate to Canada with your partner, take a look at this handbook which offers information on visas, education levels required and more.

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