Can You Use Scholarship Money for Off Campus Housing? Everything You Need to Know

Can You Use Scholarship Money for Off Campus Housing

Can You Use Scholarship Money for Off Campus Housing? As you look through scholarship options, you might notice that some require students to live on campus while others do not.

If you’re trying to decide which scholarship to apply for, find out everything you need to know about whether or not you can use scholarship money to pay off-campus housing costs before applying.

Can You Use Scholarship Money for Off Campus Housing

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What are the ways to get more scholarship money

One way to get more scholarship money is by asking. Be persistent and ask everyone you know, your guidance counselor, college professors, and classmates.

Check with foundations in your area and see if they offer scholarships. In many cases, you can win a scholarship just by entering. You may also consider raising money through friends or community fundraising campaigns. However, this approach has the potential to be time-consuming and discouraging.

If you do decide to raise funds, you will need approximately $25,000 for tuition at an average state school each year. The total cost of attendance for private schools averages about $45,000 per year. For Ivy League schools like Yale University, the cost is closer to $60,000 per year.

Also, explore the possibilities of getting financial aid that isn’t based on need. The Department of Veterans Affairs offers scholarships up to $1,000 per year for veterans and their dependents that are pursuing their first undergraduate degree program at an accredited institution of higher learning in the United States or Puerto Rico.

Some colleges offer housing scholarships

At schools like Rice University and Columbia University, students who qualify can receive a scholarship covering the cost of on-campus housing. The catch: they have to live in the dorms. Other schools offer off-campus housing scholarships, but students need to pay more of their own tuition if they want to live off campus.

Harvard University is one such school that offers an off-campus housing scholarship – recipients are given $5,000 per year towards rental expenses, up to $30,000 over four years. However, recipients must agree to be subject to the university’s mandatory meal plan policy.

Recipients also lose eligibility for any other form of financial aid from Harvard University including loans and grants; as a result, students living off campus will typically end up paying about 20% more than what it would cost them to live on campus.

Can You Use Scholarship Money for Off Campus Housing

How much does an apartment cost per month in different cities

The average apartment cost in NYC is about $3,600 per month, the average cost in Los Angeles is $2,176 per month and in DC it’s about $1,385. Keep in mind that these prices will vary depending on the location of the city.

As a general rule of thumb a larger city will be more expensive than a smaller one. For example; an apartment in Manhattan will be more expensive than an apartment outside NYC with similar amenities.

If you plan on using your scholarship money for off campus housing make sure you account for any costs related to moving expenses and other fees. Also consider how much money you’ll need each month as well as if there are any other scholarships or loans available to help pay rent.

Is it better to get an apartment or live in student dorms with other students?
As college students are often strapped for cash, apartment living provides a better option than paying the high cost of residence hall housing.

Though most apartments come with their own monthly rental fee, an off-campus apartment can often feel more like home than a dorm because of the added space and flexibility.

Apartment complexes offer a variety of different amenities, such as laundry facilities, on-site gyms, nearby parking, and more.

They also have the opportunity to be more social, because they tend to have communal spaces where residents can spend time together.

There is no specific rule that says you cannot use the scholarship money for rent or utilities when you live in an off-campus apartment complex.

Can You Use Scholarship Money for Off Campus Housing


In conclusion, there are many factors that should be considered when looking into scholarship money. Scholarships can be used in a variety of ways and the main concern is whether or not it is eligible to be used in a specific way.

If you have any questions about what type of scholarships you may qualify for and how they can be used, there are many experts that can help you find out.

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