8 countries where spouse can work on student visa

8 Countries where spouse can work on student visa; One of the main reasons students choose to study abroad is to experience life in another country, but it’s also possible that you might want to bring your significant other along with you.

There are plenty of countries where your spouse can get a work visa based on your student visa status, and these eight countries are some of the best options for spouse work visas.

Before you finalize your study abroad plans, make sure you know which countries you can go to and which ones will allow your spouse to work while you study.

countries where spouse can work on student visa

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1) Germany

If you’re studying abroad in Germany, you have the opportunity to bring your spouse along with you and they can get a residence permit. This is done by filling out a form at the regional immigration office before coming to Germany. Once they’re there, they need to apply for their residence permit and set up an appointment at the residency registration office. These appointments must be scheduled well in advance so that way there’s no last minute confusion.

You will also need to provide bank statements, proof of health insurance coverage and proof of sufficient funds.

You may also want to think about registering your marriage as soon as possible because it may take months for this process to happen if it does not happen automatically when you go through all of the other steps.


2) Switzerland

You may also wish to consider Switzerland, one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the world. Although it has a very high cost of living, Switzerland is quite generous with its residency permits, providing a temporary residence permit for a person’s entire family if they are already holding a Swiss long-term residence permit.

The spouse will be able to obtain a temporary residence permit which enables them to legally reside and seek employment in Switzerland.

The catch: they will have to hold an unlimited stay Schengen visa while waiting for their application to be processed.

That said, it is well worth considering this option because you will be able to bring your whole family with you when applying and there is no need for any waiting period.

3) Belgium

In Belgium, spouses are permitted to work. To do so, they’ll need to apply for a temporary residence permit through the Immigration Office (OCIE).

This permit will allow them to reside in Belgium with their family and to look for employment or establish a business.

The application must be submitted within one year of entry into Belgium as a student and it has a duration of four years which can be renewed indefinitely.

Spouses may apply for permanent residency after three years if they have found a job, but even if not, the permit is valid indefinitely. Applications are made at OCIE – Bd de la Justice 3/4/5 – 1000 Brussels.

4) Denmark

Denmark is one of the most popular study destinations for international students and for good reason: not only does Denmark offer high quality education, but it is also an affordable country in which to live. Although you cannot bring your family or spouses to Denmark when you are a first-time international student, you will be able to get a three-year residence permit if you meet certain criteria.

You must be enrolled in full-time studies at university level and pay for your tuition fees by yourself.

The government requires that you have enough money to support yourself financially during this time, so they may ask you to provide proof of financial assets like bank statements or certificates of deposit.

You will also need proof that you have enough money saved up to pay off any remaining balance on your tuition fee loans before they expire.

5) Czech Republic

No long-term residence permit for spouses is required in the Czech Republic, but holders of a valid residence permit in another EU country are also granted unlimited access to the labor market.

As such, living in the Czech Republic with a spouse could lead to them being able to enter and start working without any difficulties.

In order to do so, the foreign national will need their own work contract which will be determined by their profession. A job offer may be necessary in some cases.

The spouse may also apply for a temporary stay that is valid up to one year from the date of submission.

It should be noted that if the couple has a child who is over 18 years old, they are not entitled to an unlimited stay and must leave after six months at most. 

The same principle applies when it comes to applying for an extension as well.

6) Greece

In Greece, as long as you’re a citizen of an E.U., a Swiss, or a stateless person and have lived in Greece for at least five years continuously, then you’re eligible to bring your spouse with you.

If you qualify to sponsor your spouse for citizenship by residence and have lived together for two years before applying then the application process is the same as when bringing over family members who are not spouses.

The only difference is that if they live outside of Greece, they will need to apply for a temporary residence permit which will be valid for up to two years.

7) Ireland

Ireland is one of the few countries that offers a specific job for spouses on a work permit under their student visas.

You will need to apply for an intra-company transfer from the company that employs you or be sponsored by the employer. Your spouse will then be granted an employment permit and allowed to live and work in Ireland as long as they are employed with your company.

There are also other rules and restrictions, such as the fact that you cannot have been in Ireland for more than five years before applying, so it’s important to speak with someone about eligibility before starting this process. The Netherlands: There are several options available for spouses who want to work while living abroad in The Netherlands, but there may be some limitations depending on your family’s situation.

countries where spouse can work on student visa

8) Poland

You might want to consider Poland as an option if you are a US citizen who wants their spouse to work while they study abroad.

The working holiday option of the Polish Work and Holiday Visa provides your partner with the opportunity to work part-time (30 hours per week) during their time in Poland.

You must apply for this before you leave home. In order to be eligible, you need to be 18-30 years old, have graduated from high school or obtained a GED, and be planning on traveling solo or with a friend or family member who is at least 18 years old.

There is also some paperwork involved, so make sure that you start it at least six months before you plan on leaving.


In conclusion, in the case of renewing a multi-entry B-1/B-2 Visa, a person is only eligible to be claimed as the spouse for one entry at a time. The downside to this is that you must remain married during their stay and after returning home. Moreover, if the spouse overstays the duration of their visa or violates any other condition of the permit then they will not be able to enter the US again without getting married to another American citizen. This also means that you have an opportunity to get divorced before coming back to America with a new partner so that your new marriage will allow them to come back with you.


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