How to Apply For Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship

How to apply for Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship


How to apply for Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship< Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship aims to encourage and reward female college graduates who have demonstrated excellence in their college studies and have expressed an interest in or have a commitment to teaching and working with women and girls in nontraditional settings at the middle or high school level.

Who is Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship Meant For?

The Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship is awarded to graduating high school seniors who have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and have been accepted to an accredited two- or four-year college or university. Scholarships are awarded based on financial need, academic achievement, and community involvement.

To apply for the scholarship, students must complete the online application which includes questions about their academic achievements, community involvement, and financial need.

Eligibility Criteria For Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship

The UNCF urges UNCF students to complete the UNCF General Scholarship application in order to receive more scholarships.

The applicants have to have a 2.5 GPA, to be enrolled in a course of study in art or history, to fill out the FAFSA and have verified financial need, and a lot more.

They also must be attending an accredited college or university with a significant number of African-American students on campus, full-time enrollment at least half time. If they meet all these requirements then they are eligible to apply.

Applicants can only apply once every two years if they meet all the requirements. The catherine w. pierce scholarship awards $2,000 per year which is renewable up to four years as long as they maintain their eligibility criteria. Recipients may attend any institution that meets the academic requirements.

Eligible institutions include any historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) or majority non-HBCU colleges that enroll a substantial percentage of undergraduate African American students.

Application Process For Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship

To apply for the Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship, fill out the online application form and submit it by the deadline.

You will need to provide your contact information, educational background, and financial need. Once your application is received, it will be reviewed by the scholarship committee and you will be notified of their decision.

If you are awarded the scholarship, the funds will be sent directly to your school to help pay for your education expenses.

The scholarships offered range from $500-$2,000 per year. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years if you maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher each semester.

Sample Scholarship Essay

When it comes to paying for college, scholarships are the best way to go. They don’t have to be repaid and usually don’t have any strings attached.

The Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship is a great scholarship opportunity for students who are looking to further their education. Here’s how to apply for the Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship:

To start, visit the website and create an account. Then, fill out the application form and essay questions. Be sure to include your resume and transcripts when you submit your application.

It’s important that you answer all of the questions in detail so make sure you give it some thought before submitting. Good luck.

Remember, there are always more scholarships out there and if this one doesn’t work out there will always be another.

Don’t stress too much about finding the perfect scholarship because there are plenty of other opportunities out there.

Your first step should be filling out the Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship online application form and submitting your essays. If this scholarship does not work out, use our easy-to-use database to find a new opportunity today.

Scholarships are available from private companies, universities, or organizations such as the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC).

With so many options to choose from we guarantee you’ll find something that fits with your interests and needs. There are also scholarships specifically designed for women in construction like the NAWIC’s Athena Award which recognizes contributions made by women across various aspects of construction.

Apply now for this scholarship or browse through our website to see what else might work for you, especially if you’re interested in construction.

Supporting Documents For Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship

To apply for the Catherine W. Pierce Scholarship, you must first be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

You must also be enrolled in an accredited two- or four-year college or university as a full-time student with at least a 2.5 GPA. Lastly, you must submit a 500-word essay discussing your financial need and how receiving this scholarship would impact your ability to attend college.

It should include how you came to know about the scholarship, why it is important to receive funding, and what you plan on studying if accepted.


In conclusion, a strong application will include a personal statement (or essay) about why you want the scholarship and how it will help you achieve your goals; two letters of recommendation that speak to your academic achievements and ability to complete this degree program; evidence of leadership activities, such as club memberships or community service experience; and any other relevant information that shows that you have the drive and determination necessary to succeed in this challenging field.

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