Is there any dress code for ielts speaking test? What you need to know

Is there any dress code for ielts speaking test?

Is there any dress code for ielts speaking test? Are you nervous about the IELTS speaking test? Even if you aren’t, you may be wondering what the dress code is during the exam.

Will you need to wear formal business clothes? How formal? What kinds of shoes will be acceptable?

Find out everything you need to know about dressing appropriately for the IELTS speaking test below.

Is there any dress code for ielts speaking test?

The Shoulder Season

Dress codes can vary depending on where you’re traveling. However, it’s important to note that there is no required dress code for IELTS speaking test, but some recommend business casual attire such as a collared shirt and pants or skirt with jacket.

Others recommend looking tidy and neat in order to create a good impression with your examiner.

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The Winter Season

The cold weather can really take a toll on your body, and when you’re cramming for an IELts speaking test, it’s easy to let that stress negatively affect your performance.

You don’t want a little bit of ice or snow on the ground to be your undoing.

But before you go hunting for gloves and scarves, there are some things you should know about what’s allowed in exam rooms and what isn’t.

The Summer Season

Bring a light, cool dress in white or pastel for summer season. This will create a warm and pleasant impression when speaking with others and lightens your mood up.

Bring some clothes in darker colors like navy blue, black, or purple to create an elegant impression. Never wear green; this is unlucky as it means you have green ideas.
Acing any exam takes preparation.

To excel at IELTS test-taking, you need confidence and performance techniques that match your personality type.

No matter what, always leave a little wiggle room in your outfit.

In my experience, always leave a little wiggle room in your outfit. I’ve seen plenty of people get marked down for wearing clothing that was too tight or for not wearing shoes with laces.

I had a teacher in high school tell me that you should have at least an inch in your pants and an inch at the neckline when you are dressing up.

A few suggestions for men

1. Slacks with a jacket and tie
2. Formal pants, nice shirt and dress shoes
3. Jeans, collared shirt and dress shoes 2. Shorts, tank top and sneakers

A few suggestions for women

Some people might tell you that there is no dress code for Ielts speaking test, but those people are wrong. You need to wear comfortable clothing and the clothes must not reveal your chest, shoulders, or legs.

Also, tight skirts are not a good idea because they may get in the way of sitting down and answering questions. For women, pants and jeans are often more appropriate. But don’t worry!

Sample outfits for men and women

Wearing a sharp suit or business attire will give you that confident appearance, which is what you need when it comes to speaking in front of an audience.

If you’re going for the dressed-down approach, make sure you dress appropriately with either nice jeans and a nice shirt or perhaps something more formal like a polo shirt or blazer. You’ll want to make sure your clothes fit well, too.


In conclusion, I would recommend that you wear whatever is comfortable for you and is appropriate for the season. There is no dress code for IELTS speaking test so feel free to wear anything you want!



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