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Online volunteer opportunities for high school students is one of the ways they can gain workplace experience and build relevant leadership skill. Volunteering is a major activity for high schoolers because it provides them with useful experiences when it comes to community engagement which happens to be a criterion for most college applications. This act also meets the service requirements for many high school organizations like the National Honor Society and Boy Scouts.

However, since the era of the COVID-19, volunteering has become a rather difficult task to pull off as the social distancing policy applies to most organizations and places of work.

Safety measures put in place due to the pandemic have resulted in restrictions to volunteer activity in local food stands NGOs which before now was relatively easy. However, online volunteer opportunities for high school students are now made available, and this article would guide you through all that you need to know.

Why Online Volunteer Opportunities?

As earlier implied, online volunteer opportunities are community service platforms available for volunteers online. Following the epidemic, these platforms have become commonly used as high school students still need to gain this experience. Below are some reasons why you should consider some of these online volunteer opportunities for high school students:

  1. It comes in handy and is helpful to both the volunteers, communities, and organizations.
  2. As a high school student or college aspirant, you would need to meet people within your line of study or career path and network with them. It offers you the opportunities to meet superiors or equals and rub minds together, which could be a lot beneficial. You will meet many people who will help you grow your network if you volunteer overseas as a high school student.
  3. Volunteering brings together people of all ages and backgrounds, making it the best way to meet new people, learn about their passions, and help build your career.
  4. Volunteering at new places helps you learn new things and develop talents. Say you volunteer at a place that already has your line of career or interest; you stand a pretty good chance at improving on that skill.
  5. Volunteering allows you to enhance your skills and learn new ones while working with others. For example, if you’re an excellent painter, you may volunteer to teach children how to draw while also helping to make a shelter more colorful and cheerful.
  6. Volunteering has to do with serving humanity. You get to deal directly with humans from different backgrounds, which helps make you more caring and sensitive. When you volunteer for a cause and spend time with those who are less fortunate, you will become more compassionate and sympathetic, which will help you become empathetic and be a better person.
  7. Volunteering will boost your leadership skills and help you develop leadership abilities. Volunteering gives you more leverage than working for a corporation, permitting you to oversee initiatives that interest you and enhance your leadership skills. You’ll be able to work together with others to develop creative solutions and ideas. Then you can figure out how to put your thoughts into action. This will surely assist you in your career advancement.
  8. Volunteering can also enable you to improve your teamwork skills. It exposes you to working with different people who have different perspectives of life and work and as well as different approaches to achieving results. This experience helps broaden your horizons and gives you a chance to see things with a different lens aside from yours.
  9. Most college admissions tend to prefer high school students who have a great history of volunteering, community service, or other extracurricular activity. You can raise the bar higher for yourself and enjoy increased chances of gaining such admissions by volunteering. You also get to build your portfolio and gain some duration of working experience.

Top Online Volunteer Opportunities For High School Students.

Want to volunteer and have no idea how to go about it? Then this post on online volunteer opportunities for high school students is exactly what you need! Many wonderful organizations are looking for high school students who are interested in completing volunteer work.

In addition, college admission offices are on the lookout for candidates with extensive extracurricular activities attached to them. There are a couple of options from which to make a choice as a high school student searching to volunteer.

Some of the best online volunteer opportunities for high school students are listed here.

  1. Become a COVID 19 Virtual Assistant

This easily tops our list as the online volunteer opportunities for high school students. With the spread of this pandemic disease, there are only so many hands to the rescue. While frontline healthcare professionals valiantly perform their duties in hospitals and nursing homes, and crucial workers risk their lives each passing day to keep our grocery and other convenience stores and delivery services functioning, there are extra ways to assist behind the scenes this time of great sacrifice.

Students in high school can have an influence on the issue by doing something as simple as becoming a Red Cross Digital Advocate. Easy things like posting Red Cross materials on social networking sites/media or setting up online fundraising are instances of this.

  1. TeensGive

Some children from low-income or minority countries do not have access to a good education.

Because of technical constraints and a lack of resources to deliver proper educational teaching, the outbreak did not help the situation. As a result of a lack of resources, such children cannot study. Among them are youngsters who are homeless. allows you to volunteer online to help disadvantaged and other children, especially those in grades 9–11. You can join them on Teens org website.

  1. Be My Eyes

This is an online volunteer program designed for students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. It features a video app through which student volunteers can interact with blind or visually impaired people and assist them with activities like checking expiration dates or reading product instructions.

  1. Translators without Border

This easily tops our list of online volunteer opportunities for high school students. Translators without borders is a volunteer organization that augments subtitles to talks, pictures, videos and texts of international organizations with focus on crisis, education and health.. This is to ensure that the amazing ideas cited in each video can be disseminated to people worldwide. There are over a hundred different languages that students can perform translation and transcription services in. you can access Translators without borders here.

  1. Bookshare

The aim of Bookshare is to make reading more accessible to people with reading difficulties such as dyslexia, learning disabilities, visual impairments, and physical restrictions.

Bookshare, which has over 900,000 titles in its collection, is searching for volunteers to help scan new books and edit scanned files as they continue to grow. You can join Bookshare here.

  1. empowers teenagers aged 16 to 18 to provide virtual tutoring to their peers. Volunteers aged 12 to 15 are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult or parent. You can access schoolonwheels here.

  1. Tarjimly

This is an online platform that also provides linguistic assistance to people who cannot communicate in their own language. You must be bilingual or multilingual to utilize this website.

As a result, you’ll interact and speak with refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants, and humanitarian workers who demand language access to quickly solve a problem in real-time. Video and phone calls, as well as the sharing of images and documents, are all part of the discussions. It could take anywhere from the range of 30 seconds to five minutes for you to complete this task. Sounds interesting, right? Now you see why this tops our list of online volunteer opportunities for high school students. You can join Tarjimly here.


Online Volunteer Student mentoring

  1. iMentor

This platform supports students from underserved communities in gaining access to higher education. They work closely with partner universities, and students are connected to college-educated experts who may assist them in achieving their objectives.

Members can meet once a week online and once a month in person. As a result, there is no virtual volunteer opportunity. Regardless, every commitment you make to it is invaluable.

  1. The American Red Cross Society

The American Red Cross has several virtual volunteer opportunities to help you keep connected to your community while maintaining social distance. Virtual volunteer possibilities include everything from administrative assistance to fundraising and planning.

  1. Hands-On Phoenix

Despite the fact that Hands-On Phoenix has halted all in-person volunteer activities, they nevertheless present a list of ways for you to get engaged locally for the time being.

  1. Habitat For Humanity

Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity can help strengthen your neighborhood (literally).

Their Habitat Youth Programs seek volunteers aged 5 to 40 for a variety of tasks ranging from home construction to advocacy for affordable housing.

  1. Meals on Wheels

Here’s an opportunity for those youngsters who have just received their driver’s license and are seeking any reason to get behind the wheel. Meals on Wheels is on a mission to meet the nutritional and social needs of the elderly. 225 million meals have been given thus far; contact your local provider to find out how you can help.

13. Cards for Cause

Cards for a Cause was created to allow young people to make and share a hand-made card filled with the goodness of uplifting sentiments in order to give comfort and joy to the person who may be in need. Surprisingly, there is no limit on the number of cards you may send to Cards for Cause. You can reach out to as many people as possible using the cards.

14. The Kids Circle Foundation

The organization’s mission is to digitally give advice, support, and company to children in the hospital or with learning challenges. You may also instruct online by assisting with assignments, volunteering as a social media manager, graphic designer, web developer, or member of the outreach team. All you have to do is choose a project that you can handle and focus on it. You can join The Kids Circle foundation here.

15. 7 Cups

7 Cups is a website that joins people in emotional distress with trained listeners to talk about their problems, pain points and challenges. Trained listeners are volunteers who have received active listening training in order to help these people. Trained listeners may select which topics they are comfortable discussing and which issues they do not want to talk or listen to. You can join 7 Cups here.

16. Best Buddies

You can volunteer with Best Buddies to help over 100 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities overcome social, physical, and economic isolation – and make some new friends in the process. You may also join a school chapter (or even form your own) to utilize friendship as a tool for community inclusion.  Click here to join Best Buddies.

17. Amnesty Decoders

Amnesty Decoders is a platform where volunteers use their phones and computers to search through the internet to get pictures, documents, and vital information that will help them to expose human rights projects. This include tweets, pictures, videos and posts that are abusive to women and vulnerable groups as well as other derogatory tweets that negate human rights. Visit Amnesty Decoders here.

18. Girls Inc.

If you feel you have limited time and may not volunteer, you might reconsider as Girls Inc. They only requires your five minutes a week to work for them. You will become their social media ambassador. You will help in creating and sharing social posts that aim to teach girls how to traverse economic and social barriers as well as help them grow up healthy, educated, and independent. This is Girls Inc site.

19. Writing Wonders Organization

This organization came into existence amid the COVID-19 pandemic to spread kindness to the world through writing letters and creating original artwork. The letters are as short as one paragraph and as long as four paragraph. The artwork is digitally drawn and they are sent to individuals who are passing through some unfortunate challenges. There are many organizations on the WWO platform that will help in passing the message across to the recipients but another set of volunteers will select the right organization for the job. If you send your writing or artwork, you will receive a certificate from the WW platform that serves as credit for the hours you put in for the volunteer work. You can access Writing Wonders Org here.

20. Project Guttenberg

The organization has more than 60,000 free books. Therefore, it needs volunteer proofreaders to ensure the books are error-free. As a student, you may become interested in this project. You can access Project Guttenberg here.


The positive impact volunteering has on the community is one of its well-known benefits. Volunteering allows you to connect with your community while also assisting it in its development. So, interested in volunteering as a high school student? This post on online volunteer opportunities for high school students got you covered. Feel free to drop any question on the comment section.

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